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Paul worked in SOSAD Ireland, starting off as a volunteer assessor summer 2017. He worked at the centre as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist from August 2018 until June 2019. During Paul’s time with SOSAD he worked with a number of client’s covering a broad spectrum of counselling/psychotherapy.
I find Paul is totally reliable as well as friendly and approachable at all times. His attitude to our clients and other volunteers was exemplary. Paul is very well organised and punctual. Paul is always empathetic as well as being totally professional and effective.
Both staff and clients benefit from Paul’s kind heartedness and willingness to assist his fellow colleagues and clients any way he can.
Paul was a valuable, trusted and reliable member of the SOSAD team.
He was hardworking and above all considerate and compassionate to all SOSAD clients.

Elaine [Ireland]


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